Your Politics Have Been Breached

Voter data on 198 million (yes that’s million) US Citizens was improperly stored and freely available for 12 days on the internet. There has never been a data breach this big. The information includes birth-dates, home addresses, telephone numbers, political…

August 16, 20170

Security Awareness : Knowledge Workers

Your knowledge workers (users) are probably the most important asset in your defense in-depth strategy, teaching them how to treat, react and respond, to information security incidents should be top priority for any organization. Knowledge Workers should be taught to:…

April 24, 20170

WordPress Security Best Practices

The following is a 10 point mandatory control that will mitigate risks associated with running WordPress (WP) as a content management system (CMS). Being an open source (free) CMS solution based off PHP and MySQL, as reported by W3Techs WordPress…

April 18, 20170